Black Women Lawyers Foundation Board Members

2014-2015 Officers

  • President: Renee L. Campbell
    Law Offices of Renee L. Campbell
  • Vice President: Alma Howard Graham
    Associate General Counsel, WellPoint, Inc.
  • Treasurer: Avis Frazier-Thomas
    VP & Intellectual Property Counsel, Warner Bros.
  • Secretary: Syna N. Dennis
    Principal Deputy County Counsel, Office of the County Counsel

2014-2015 Board Members

  • Banch Abegaze
    Atom Factory
  • Gilda Clift Breland
    Associate Legal Counsel
  • Randi L. Cooper
    Law Office of Randi L. Cooper
  • Sandra Williams
    SVP and Deputy General Counsel, West Coast, CBS Television
  • Nicole H. Husband
    VP & Senior Employment Counsel, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
  • Tracie Tabor Lyons
    Former General Counsel, Kinecta Federal Credit Union

2014-2015 Scholarship Luncheon Chair:

  • Chair: Lakeshia Dorsey
    Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers

2014-2015 Scholarship Selection Committee Co-Chairs:

  • Holly Evans
    Deputy Public Defender, Office of the Public Defender
  • Trina L. Saunders
    Deputy Attorney General, Department of Justice, Health Quality Enforcement

Past Presidents

  • Rochelle Montgomery
  • Carla Pittman
  • Vera Brown Curtis
  • Brenda Johns Penny
  • Dianne Baquet Smith
  • Audrea J. Golding
  • Renee L. Campbell